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GRE Coaching in Bangalore



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What does GRE exam consist of? How our faculties teach at our academy?

GRE exam mainly consists of Analytical Writing Assessment (Also known as – AWA – 1 Issue writing); Quantitative Reasoning [Quantitative Comparisons; MCQs (single & multiple correct answers); Numeric Entry Questions; Data Interpretation Sets] Verbal Reasoning  [Sentence Equivalence; Text Completion; Critical Reading/Reading Comprehension].

Here at Reknown Edu Services®, our certified and experienced faculties teach candidates to master these sections. We expose students to the types of questions they will encounter and impart the necessary skills to answer correctly within the allotted time.


What is the duration of GRE revised General test (After September 2023)?

The standard duration of the GRE revised General test is 1 hours 58 minutes. AWA task – Issue writing for 30 minutes. 

  • Verbal Reasoning – SE; TC; RC & CR = 1st Section = 12 Questions = 18 minutes | 2nd Section = 15 Questions = 23 minutes
  • Quantitative Reasoning – QC; PS; DI = 1st Section = 12 Questions = 21 minutes | 2nd Section = 15 Questions = 26 minutes
  • Analytical Writing Assessments – Issue Writing = 1 Question = 30 minutes


How is GRE exam Scored ? What is the average GRE score of an individual at RES?

GRE Quantitative reasoning & Verbal reasoning is scored anything between 130 & 170 with one point increment on every right answer. No negative scores for any wrong answers, so YAY!! Thus, strongly recommended that you do not leave any question unanswered. AWA is scored within the range of 0-6 with 0.5 increments. A score of 310 – 320 out of 340 is considered to be a good score to get an admission into reputed universities of the world. You can find further information here.


We have had many students who took GRE Coaching in Bangalore recently and gave the exam immediately after the course completion. The average scores of these students were between 305 & 315 out of 340. We also had few smart students who could learn the nitty-gritties of the course in no time and get stupendous scores of 330+ out of 340. Apparently, a typical student before coming to our center does thorough research about the best GRE coaching in Bangalore and then come and subscribes for the course.  


We ensure that our students are well-prepared for the GRE, providing them with the best coaching experience in Bangalore. Prospective students often research extensively before choosing our center for their GRE preparation.

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Why do students find GRE exam prep challenging?

Students often struggle with GRE prep for several reasons:

  • Memorizing thousands of words can be overwhelming.
  • Math questions often appear tricky and consume much time.
  • Typing essays on a computer can be daunting for some.
  • A plethora of online options leads to unconventional and confusing advice.
  • Initial enthusiasm sometimes fades, leading to mid-prep burnout.


What are the benefits of joining a top GRE institute like RES in Bangalore?

Joining RES in Bangalore offers significant advantages:

  • Students tackle real-time challenges similar to the actual GRE.
  • Instructors teach tips and tricks for quick answers.
  • Assignments and discussions enhance accuracy.
  • Dedicated doubt-clearing sessions provide personalized support.
  • Access to extensive resources complements learning.
  • Mock tests mirror the actual GRE standards.



  • Expert classroom training delivers all necessary tips and tricks.
  • Mock tests and subsequent discussions refine strategies.
  • Memory techniques aid in vocabulary retention.
  • Speed reading practices improve comprehension.
  • Individual attention ensures personalized learning paths.

Reknown Edu Services® commits to these principles, consistently delivering quality GRE coaching in Bangalore.


Please note that the GRE format has changed significantly since September 22, 2023.

Reknown Edu Services® believes in all the above-mentioned points and stay true to most of it every time for GRE coaching classes in Bangalore.



What is the cost of GRE exam and GRE coaching in Bangalore?

The cost of GRE exam (effectively from 1st July 2023) is currently set to US$ 220 and to find the updated fees and how to make payment and related information you can find it here. You can also apply for Need based financial aid to get support from ETS.

Best GRE Coaching in Bangalore may cost anything between ₹ 31000 to ₹ 60000(inclusive or exclusive of GST). But at our institute (Reknown Edu Services®) we charge affordable amount only. Yet, maintain the supreme coaching quality to truly serve the deserving students of Bangalore.


How long the score of GRE is valid & can we report our scores to the universities for free ?

The GRE exam scores are valid for 5 years. Yes, you can report your scores to 4 universities for free on the day of the exam. Further if you wish to report the universities other than the one reported on the examination day you could follow the instructions here.

Contact us for GRE coaching in Bangalore

There is a plethora of GRE coaching centers in Bangalore. I’d rather suggest you to consider the following elements to choose what is ideal for you. You can certainly give Reknown Edu Services® a try!

  • Location of the coaching centre (How near or how far is it for you, and if it is far, is it worth travelling?)
  • Coaching fees (Do not just compare the coaching fees of one institute with others; rather think that, how many hours would you have taken to acquire the skills to get good scores, if you had to do self-study? How many hours will you take if you are doing it with the help of a professional coach, who can help you learn the process much faster and is it worth to pay that amount for the same?)
  • Training quality of the coach (mentor) – Does your trainer have the necessary skills to impart the knowledge required? Can s/he answer the questions that you have?

There are many students who would like to compare the costs of the course with at least 5 institutes that offer the same course. Study suggests, in city like Bangalore the costs vary from institute to institute. It may start from anything between ₹ 31000 to ₹ 60000(inclusive or exclusive of GST). You can certainly give Reknown Edu Services® a try!

Our course fee is only ₹45,000 And, in cities like Hyderabad, the cost of the same coaching could be as less as ₹23000 to as much as ₹52000.

The cost of the GRE coaching course is varied due to geographical, political, & economical factors.

GRE – Graduate Record Exam | Coaching – Its an agreement for a fixed tenure between the knowledge seeker and the knowledge provider. Where the seeker agrees to attend classes regularly and the provider agrees to provide classes regularly. You can certainly give Reknown Edu Services® a try for the commitment!

You would learn the tricks and shortcuts to arrive at answers faster than the usual. Of course you could have found the same after watching several videos on platforms like YouTube and other Applications. But, you also get an opportunity to discuss your doubts with the trainer and peers like never before.

Generally, aspirants have many ways to do so. They could download mobile applications like Magoosh, Manhattan, ETS, & Barron and follow the tips provided by those experts. You could also watch tons of videos posted on social media or YouTube and learn from them.

If you lack self motivation and you think you cannot do things by yourself. You can certainly give Reknown Edu Services® a try! We have an academic approach that will help you learn things faster and also gain confidence to do better.

GRE is difficult or no should be left to individual’s discretion, drive, & determination. There are students who can move mountains with minimal effort and there are students who can find it herculean task.

You can certainly give Reknown Edu Services® a try! To get better clarity on what GRE is and how can this exam be dealt with ease.

GRE is a competitive exam that measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. So it rather depends on an individual how fast s/he acquires these skills and is able to make use of it when tested.

You can certainly give Reknown Edu Services® a try! Typically we take 60 hours to impart these necessary skills into you. And, at least around 200 hours of practice is required from your end to master the same. There have been instances in the past where we were able to finish the course within two weeks and students clearly could bag the required scores.

It can be different under different circumstances. However, there is no clear definition of a bad GRE score. Surprisingly, a few label even 325 as a bad GRE score and a few consider anything less than 300 as a bad GRE score.

People measure the score and find them bad or good largely based on the requirement set by the university. Many universities in USA measure exclusively

It is very simple, follow the below steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on GRE
  • Check test centers and dates (find your suitable date and city).
  • Click on Registration
  • Click on Register now
  • Create an account
  • Answer all the questions as per your documents
  • Submit the application &
  • Pay the exam fees

Alternatively: You can certainly give Reknown Edu Services® a try! We can help you in booking the exam slot for you.

There are no particular criteria as such for an individual to write GRE Exam. Prospective graduate and business school applicants from around the globe who are interested in pursuing master’s, specialized master’s in Business, MBA, J.D. degree, or doctoral degree take the GRE general test.  (Information taken from

(After September 2023)?

The standard duration of the GRE revised General test is 1 hours 58 minutes. AWA task – Issue writing for 30 minutes. 

  • Verbal Reasoning – SE; TC; RC & CR = 1st Section = 12 Questions = 18 minutes | 2nd Section = 15 Questions = 23 minutes
  • Quantitative Reasoning – QC; PS; DI = 1st Section = 12 Questions = 21 minutes | 2nd Section = 15 Questions = 26 minutes
  • Analytical Writing Assessments – Issue Writing = 1 Question = 30 minutes

Yes, students can use the calculator that is provided on screen for GRE Quantitative questions but you cannot bring your own to the testing location.

Resources: Quantitative: 1. ETS standard resource for quantitative ability (Cover all chapters, shall be sufficient.) 2. Barron’s GRE Verbal: 1. The word list at the back of the book, “Word Power Made Easy”, should be used as a primer. 2. Barron’s GRE for verbal sentence equivalence and text completion. 3. Barron’s high frequency word list. 4. For testing, refer Kaptest. (For section wise and full-length tests.) Also, use 5. PowerPrep from ETS. 6. Dictionary: Word Web 7. Android Apps: Painless GRE, WordPrep FlashCards. 8. While doing Reading comprehension, you could make a list of transition words like:

Here’s a personalized game plan to conquer the test:

1st Month: Laying the Groundwork

  • Kick-off Week: Dive in with a full-scale practice test. Pinpoint your power plays and areas to level up.
  • Week 2: Craft a battle plan, carving out 20-30 hours weekly for GRE drills. Start amassing a word arsenal, targeting 10-20 new verbal gems each day.
  • Week 3: Zero in on the math maze with guidebooks and digital tools. Sharpen your verbal weaponry—tackle reading tactics and grammar guerrillas.
  • 4th Week: Keep up the scrimmage with diverse question types. Bring in the clock to mimic the real deal. Post-game, huddle up for a performance pow-wow.

2nd Month: Amping Up the Intensity

  • Weeks 5-8: Raise the stakes with tougher questions. Close out the month with another mock showdown to gauge your gains.
  • On Repeat: Join the think tank for group strategizing and task mastery. Scout the resource-rich library terrain.

3rd Month: Strategy and Simulation

  • Weeks 9-12: Fine-tune your playbook and tackle the stubborn challenges. Run through multiple mock trials in true GRE spirit.
  • Consistently: Sync up with the coaching squad for tailored tactics to navigate any hurdles.

All Along the 3-Month Marathon:

  • Regularly: Hit the classroom for insider maneuvers and mnemonic mastery to lock down that vocab.
  • Without Fail: Test-drive the teaching style with zero-cost demo runs to ensure it’s your vibe.

Stick to this bespoke blueprint, and you’ll be primed to ace the GRE. Keep the grind consistent, lean on quality resources, and victory will be within reach. Charge on!

Here’s a list of 60 transition / linking words to enhance the flow of your writing:

  1. Accordingly
  2. Additionally
  3. Afterward
  4. Although
  5. As a result
  6. Because
  7. Besides
  8. But
  9. Consequently
  10. Conversely
  11. Equally
  12. Finally
  13. Furthermore
  14. Hence
  15. However
  16. Indeed
  17. Instead
  18. Likewise
  19. Meanwhile
  20. Moreover
  21. Nevertheless
  22. Next
  23. Nonetheless
  24. Nor
  25. Otherwise
  26. Similarly
  27. So
  28. Subsequently
  29. Then
  30. Thereafter
  31. Therefore
  32. Thus
  33. Yet
  34. Beyond
  35. Despite
  36. During
  37. Even though
  38. For example
  39. For instance
  40. In addition
  41. In contrast
  42. In fact
  43. In other words
  44. In particular
  45. In summary
  46. In the end
  47. Initially
  48. Lastly
  49. On the contrary
  50. On the other hand
  51. Rather
  52. Simultaneously
  53. Specifically
  54. To begin with
  55. To clarify
  56. To conclude
  57. To illustrate
  58. To put it differently
  59. To summarize
  60. While

These words can help you connect ideas and clarify relationships between sentences and paragraphs in your writing.


Quick Insights

  • 60 Hours of Classroom Coaching
  • Certified, highly experienced & energetic faculty
  • Doubt solving sessions
  • 5 : 1 student faculty ratio
  • Weekdays / Weekend batch available
  • Online / Offline Batches available
  • One on One Custom based Batches available

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