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Looking to study abroad?

Reknown Edu Services® stands out as one of the best Test Prep Centers and Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore. Therefore, you can apply and study at the top-notch Universities abroad that you truly deserve!

It’s 2024! Are you dreaming of studying abroad but feeling overwhelmed by the options? Reknown Edu Services® is a trusted name in Test Prep centers & Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore since 2012. Moreover, we are here to help you navigate the exciting world of overseas education. Understanding that each student has unique goals, we carefully consider your academic background and interests to find the perfect destination for you. Additionally, our highly skilled and experienced faculty provide top-notch classes in a variety of test prep options: IELTS, GRE, PTE, TOEFL, French, or German. Furthermore, no matter which course you choose, we’re confident you’ll see improvement in your scores. Ultimately, at Reknown Edu Services®, your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you have ample time to know more about our services, you must check out our comprehensive guide on our services.


"As one of the most reliable test prep center and overseas education consultants"

We can help you seamlessly navigate the process! Firstly, tell us which countries interest you, like the USA, Germany, UK or any other. Subsequently, we’ll provide detailed information on universities you choose and the programs they offer. Feeling overwhelmed by options? No problem! We can expertly guide you through selecting the right course based on your academic background, interests, and budget. Curious about costs? We’ll diligently find details on tuition fees, living expenses, and even scholarships available. Ultimately, we can connect you with programs that are known to lead to high-paying jobs in your field. With our help, you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions about your future!

As a trusted overseas education consultant, we can also help with your visa! We’ll meticulously assist with preparing and verifying your documents, applying for visas (including e-visas), and following up with embassies. Our goal is to ensure you receive your visa on time. Additionally, we provide pre-departure and post-departure briefings for a smooth transition.

Moreover, in addition to all the aforementioned benefits, we also help you in booking your flight tickets, arranging foreign exchange, arranging accommodation, and insurance facilities etc.