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In 2024, amidst a plethora of English classes, PTE coaching in Bangalore has made its mark. Specifically, it stands out among candidates trying to study abroad or settle permanently in Australia. Currently, in Bangalore, the rising number of candidates choosing PTE is noteworthy.

You might wonder why choose PTE when you have other competitive exams like IELTS or TOEFL? Interestingly, candidates who have attempted IELTS often find PTE easier.

This trend indicates that PTE’s unique format and approach to assessing English proficiency might align better with some test-takers’ skills and preferences. As a result, PTE coaching centers in Bangalore are gaining popularity as they meet this growing demand.

  1. While PTE is a comparatively new English proficiency test, and not many individuals take it, nevertheless, the test may seem easier. However, test takers should follow many tips and strategies. Therefore, you would require professional help to clear the PTE Test.
  2. At Renown Edu Services® we are determined to equip our students with all the requisite skills to improve upon all four communicative skills assessed and enhance their PTE score. Additionally, we provide the best reference book for practice (PTE ADVANTAGE), which offers an ample amount of questions for each module, as well as Model Test Papers.
  3. After every PTE practice session, the trainer gives a full insight into the responses and discusses them in detail in class.
  4. For PTE coaching in Bangalore, we charge a nominal fee. The fee ranges from ₹10000 – ₹15000, depending on the number of sessions you sign up for.
  5. At Reknown Edu Services®, we allow students to opt for a Demo session to experience our training methodology firsthand. Moreover, we will give you a Mock Test before your Test date (no additional charges).

Do you want to Score 75+** in PTE Exam like our below-mentioned student?

Best PTE coaching in Bangalore
  1. The PTE stands as one of many English proficiency tests you can take to prove your English language prowess.
  2. PTE operates as a system-based test, and you conduct all modules (RLWS) via the computer. The screen will show the total time remaining for the particular module.
  3. PTE functions as an Integrated Test, meaning it tests two skills simultaneously. For example, it assesses Listening and Speaking, Listening and Writing, Reading and Writing, etc.
  4. The test lasts just 2 hours.
  5. You can retake the PTE test as often as you wish. However, you must wait to receive the results from your most recent test before retaking it.
  6. PTE centres span the globe, allowing you to take the test at any of these locations. You can also take it from the comfort of your home.
  7. The PTE announces Test Scores swiftly, within just 2 days. You can report your scores to the concerned institutions at no additional cost.

There 4 modules that you would be attempting during the PTE exam.

    • The Reading Module lasts 30 minutes and includes questions like Multiple Choice Questions-Multiple Answers, Multiple Choice Questions-Single Answers, Re-Order Paragraphs, Fill In The Blanks (Reading), and Fill In The Blanks (Reading and Writing). People commonly refer to this module as Part 3.
    • Similarly, the Listening Module runs for 30 minutes and features question types such as Summarize Spoken Text, Multiple Choice Questions-Multiple Answers, Multiple Choice Questions-Single Answers, Fill In The Blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Select Missing Words, Highlight Incorrect Words, and Write From Dictation, also known as Part 2.
    • Moreover, when you combine the Speaking and Writing Modules, they take 55 to 67 minutes, known as Part 1.
      • The Speaking Module presents a variety of questions like Personal Introduction, Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-Tell A Lecture, and Answer Short Questions.
      • The Writing Module offers two question types – Summarize Written Text and Write Essay.

Note: You can take down notes whenever required in the Erasable Notepad that would be provided by the supervisor.

    1. The fee levied for booking the PTE Test is  17000 (Inclusive of GST) As of March 2024
    2. If you seek discount in booking your PTE exam, you can write to us here.
    3. You may book the test through the Pearson Test Of English Official site: Here

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Reknown Edu Services® is symbol of trust. Students who enroll with us for PTE coaching in Bangalore, are enriched with new knowledge every day.


Quick Insights

  • 25-60 Hours of Classroom Coaching
  • Certified, highly experienced & energetic faculty
  • Doubt solving sessions
  • 5 : 1 student faculty ratio
  • Weekdays / Weekend batch available
  • Online / Offline Batches available
  • One on One Custom based Batches available
  • Custom solutions available ranging from ₹10000-15000

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    1. Hello Mahi,

      Yes, we can help you find a tutor who can provide you classes at that time as well. Just contact us on whatsapp and we will help you find a tutor and get your classes started immediately.

  1. I have booked PTE exam and i have only 30 days left. Do you think you can help me with a custom course to help me clear this exam?

    1. Hello Mounisha,

      It seems you need PTE as well as French Delf A2 classes together. We have tutors ready to help you sail through this journey.

      Just drop a hi to our whatsapp number with your name. Our rockstar will quickly schedule classes for you with our super star trainers.


  2. I am planning my masters in Australia and I was wondering if you can offer classes on PTE and then help me with admission services to Australia?

  3. I am looking for offline classes but I am available only after 7 PM. DO you have any late evening classes at the academy?

    1. Hello Ravi,

      We are sorry, we do not have offline classes arrangement at that time. However, the same trainer wouldn’t mind giving you classes online. Please contact us on whatsapp if you are willing to take up online classes.

  4. Does your program include any techniques for managing test anxiety and improving focus during the PTE exam? Last time I took the exam and I didn’t do well due to the stress I couldn’t handle during the exam.

    1. We do not have a fixed module included in the program as such. But, our trainers are very well equipped to help you sail through your anxiety. Please attend a demo class to experience it first hand.

  5. I saw that you guys offer Chat GPT empowered classes for IELTS, do you offer such classes for PTE as well? I’d want to know more about that!

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