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Higher Education in Germany: For the last two hundred years, students from worldwide have rushed to Germany for their studies. Most of the Nobel prize laureates are from German Universities. Opportunities for the international students have increased in the last few decades of globalization. As a matter of fact, Germany has become the hotspot for higher education. The reasons for this increase in interest to study in Germany are:


1. The Global Importance of Germany:

Germany is located at center, in the heart of Europe sharing its border with 9 different countries. Germany is the hub of technology, industry, trade, and all other commercial and scientific activity. It is Europe’s economic and technological source of inspiration.

2. The Interactive Web of Academia, Research and Industry:

German universities form a huge density in Germany. There are about 300 of them spread across all over the country. They are perfectly situated near crucial points of contacts, connecting industrial plants and scientific/technological research centers. Universities offer very good opportunities to students. The student can gain knowledge through theoretical, practical and industrial experiences. Generally, German studies are application and career oriented. So, students get employed after graduation. Consequently, they are allowed to live & work in the city of their choice. 

3. Academic Standards:

Academic standards in German universities are excellent. The technical institutes, such as TU Darmstadt, RWTH Aachen, and others, rank best in the world. The course curriculum presented in other disciplines such as: medicine, law, social sciences, arts etc., are very popular globally. All the under graduate and Post graduate programs in Germany are internationally recognized. English is the medium of instruction in many of these Universities.

4. Funding of Research:

German Government, the industrial sector, and the European Union are the three endowment sources for research projects in German universities. As a result, researchers from all over the world get together to conduct research. They come up with ground-breaking solutions in their respective fields.


5. Availability of Courses in English and International Recognition of Credentials:

Back in the time, Germany mainly taught different fields of studies in German. But today, many international students go to Germany for their higher education, hence English is also dominant. In fact, over  350 university courses are taught in English. All discipline of courses are worldwide renowned.  Germany offers more than 800 International Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs.

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6. Low Tuition Fees and Living Costs:

Most of the universities and colleges in Germany are Government funded. Hence the tuition fees at these institutions are subsidized. In addition, Living expenses for International students in Germany are less than €800 a month.

7. German Language and culture

The student learns in a new culture. And, while interacting with native speakers, he learns a new language. This language helps him improve his social skills. And these social skills help him further build contacts with other international students who come from the rest of the world. 

8. International Students in Germany – Statistics

Once the student obtains technical knowledge and a new language, he avails better career opportunities in his own country / Germany. In brief, German Education has grabbed international students’ attention because of better tutoring, safety measures, standard of living and less tuition fees. After the US, Great Britain and Australia; it is currently ranked fourth in the world. Cost of education in Germany is far less in comparison to education in other countries. Foreign students are permitted to stay in Germany a year more after their study. Students are permitted to work 90 full days or else 180 half days during their study tenure.


To sum up, studying in Germany for your higher education is one of the best choice you will ever make. In fact, You would cherish every moment you spend in Germany for the rest of your life.

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