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German student visa interview questions and answers

Germany student visa interview questions and answers

Hi, my name is Pranav Padalkar and I am from Pune. I have got an admit from RWTH Aachen and my VI was on 24/06/2014, the time slot was 11.15 am. I reached the Consulate by 10.15 am. At sharp 11, we were made to enter inside one by one. I was handed over a checklist for documents, with the sequence for docs. After arranging the docs, the guy in a cabin checks our docs, DD and Passport and gives us a Token Number. Then we have to enter inside the building. Till now we have to wait outside the building.

After entering, interviews will be going on some counters. I waited till my number came up.  There are 5 counters in Mumbai, 4 are adjacent to one another, while the 5th is kind of inside. My number came up for the 5th counter at around 11.35 am.

My Visa Officer (VO)  was an Indian lady.

Me: Good Morning Ma’am.

VO: Good Morning. (meanwhile I submitted the docs) For which VISA are you applying?

Me: Student Visa, Ma’am.

(She collected my docs and started going through them)

VO: Which course will you be joining?

Me: I answered.

(She checks docs)…..

VO: Is this course completely in English?

Me: Yes Ma’am, completely in English.

(she handed me a questionnaire and asked me to fill it up. After I was complete, she asked the remaining questions)

VO: What did you do after your graduation.

Me: I answered.

VO: Can I have your pay slips? (I had a workex)

Me: I have only my Work ex letter. Will it do?

VO: Ok. Give me the copies. ( I handed over)

VO: Who is sponsoring this trip?

Me: My Father. We have taken an education loan.

VO: Please show me your loan sanction letter. ( I handed over the copies as well as original)

VO: Did you use money from this loan to transfer it in the blocked account?

Me: Yes, Ma’am.

(she then writes something on computer as well as on the German student visa application)

VO: What were your 10th and 12th scores and Btech scores?

Me: I answered. I have CGPA for btech (told my cgpa).

VO: Approx how many percentage is it?

Me: I answered.

VO: Ok.

VO: Give me your 10th and 12th Certificates.

( I gave them along with originals)

(She then perhaps checked my answers from the questionnaire and asked for all the originals and compared the photo copies with them)

VO: Why did you select Germany?

Me: I answered.

After a few more minutes of the checking, she asked me to give my finger prints.

VO: I am stamping your passport with a D Stamp. With this, you cannot apply for Shengen Visa. You will hear from us via email regarding your Visa decision. The process may take around 6-12 weeks.

Me: Ok. Sure, Ma’am. Is that all?

VO: Yes.

Me: Ok, thank you Ma’am.

VO: Welcome.

I checked my watch after coming out and it was 11.55 am.

There is not to worry much about the VI. All the questions are answerable. Just have all the documents correct, especially financial ones. They may ask how you managed the money and sometimes also about the finances for second year. I had German language, but nothing was asked about it. On another counter, my friend was asked to speak a little in German. So be prepared for it. It depends on the interviewer. Rest everything will be ok. Just carry all the docs you can, and carry at least two photo copies of every document that you will have. Initially, just attach those documents which are there on the check list, the rest they will ask for if they want.

Germany student visa documents check list :

  1. Visa Application form
  2. Declaration
  3. Covering Letter
  4. Admission Letter
  5. (If applicable, agreement between student and the university)
  6. Proof of financial means
  7. University Degree
  8. Proof of Language proficiency
  9. Travel Insurance
  10. Copy of Passport

Tip : Don’t panic. If there is some issue with your docs, just have valid answers for that. Rest everything will fall in place. All the best to all of you.

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