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GMAT EXAM – 700 | Case Study – How to ace it within 60 days |

GMAT EXAM – Case Study | Self Study / Coaching Class


GMAT Exam is like an IPO (Initial Public Offering), if you invest smartly – the returns will be tremendous. I invested in the GMAT recently and the rewards have been consistently splendid. Like most people, I felt a good GMAT exam score was the key to admissions. Besides that, it is a key to a lot more things such as – scholarships (very, very lucrative), job applications (cut-off GMAT scores in consulting and banking) and it is also a relatively standard measure of academic prowess.


 As a finance guy, I like to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of almost all decisions I have to make. It’s quite obvious that the return on GMAT (based on the time and money invested) is insanely high, but only when you invest wisely. The scholarships I received cut my cost of studies by 25% and my admission into one of the best B-schools on the planet, was largely thanks to my GMAT score. That’s probably the best ROI that I’ll ever have.


GMAT exam – April 2016

Preparation time – approx. 60 days

Daily study – 3 to 4 hours

Total hours put in – 200 to 225 hours

Score – 700; Q49/V37

Exam location – Bangalore


Dealing with TMI

That’s what I felt each time when I did a Google search on GMAT Exam or when I asked my friends about it. TMI (Too Much Information) on GMAT books, teachers, coaching classes etc. There are so many GMAT Coaching centres in Bangalore and most claim to be the best GMAT coaching institute. I honestly don’t know who is right. But I do know that irrespective of your GMAT classes, YOU have to put in the majority of the work. Don’t get distracted by the flood of information and myraid tricks to beat the GMAT; be selectively and put in your honest work.

Acquiring Strong Mentorship for GMAT Exam

Of course, a good mentor can make a big difference to your score. I was fortunate to work with a great GMAT coach from Reknown Edu Services™ who helped me vastly improve my GMAT Exam score. I know my score of 700 isn’t too impressive but the point I want to make is – strong guidance and hard work propelled me from 630 to 700 in only a few weeks. Find a mentor to guide you because that can save you a lot of time and energy while improving your score simultaneously. I’d personally recommend finding a mentor who not only teaches well but also has a very high score, hopefully 760 or higher, because there’s nothing like learning from someone who has aced the GMAT Exam.

Common sense? 

All of this, its common sense isn’t it? Yes…but too many people ignore or compromise on the quality just because the price is a little cheaper elsewhere or because they have to spend half an hour less in traffic to get to the coaching center. Please, my friend, don’t be so stupid.

Remember – it’s an IPO. And the IPO is about your future. The present cost of the time and money you invest today will be easily recovered by the vast benefits you will receive tomorrow.    

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