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How you could save nearly ₹17000 by writing IELTS mock test in 2024

How you could save nearly ₹17000 by writing IELTS mock test in 2024

IELTS Mock Test


You may ask how? How could you possibly save nearly ₹17000 by writing an IELTS Mock Test? The cost of the exam is nearly ₹17000, agree? Well, you could save this money by not re-writing the same exam because of poor scores.

IELTS Mock Test – Academic

If you have decided to write an IELTS exam, the first thing you need to do is write a mock test. Based on the score you receive in your mock test; you could plan your maneuver accordingly. Let’s just say you require 6.5 bands overall out of 9.0 for your admissions into your dream university. And, you scored 6.0 in your mock test then you do not need any IELTS coaching. But if you scored only 5.0 on your mock test then you need to take professional help.

IELTS Mock Test – General Training

In case you intend to migrate and you need to actually score at least a 7.0 on 9.0. While your mock test result had a difference of 1.5 bands, you need to take professional help. This difference may look insignificant but it is advised to take professional help. Professional help from a certified or experienced trainer will not only improve your scores but also upgrade your communication skills overall. This mock test will not just help you decide whether you require professional help or no but also give you clarity on the preparation time required to achieve the desired scores.


If you are far from your desired scores in reading and listening modules then you have a multitude of strategies explained on Youtube. But if you are far from desired scores in speaking and writing modules you need someone in person who could correct your mistakes. See, if you could find a tutor who would not just correct your mistakes but also explain the rationale.


It is a no-brainer, if you have already crossed the required band score, you do not need any further help. Yet, we would recommend you to read common mistakes that students commit while giving the exam. For example, this gives a list of possible mistakes that you could fall for and how to avoid them.


And, if you wanna crush your IELTS Exam in Bangalore you can follow the page.


We conduct IELTS mock test at our academy and give you detailed feedback. Please contact us immediately for the same.


We also offer feedback on the Writing Essays for the IELTS test. You could call us for getting your essays and letters and reports evaluated too.

You could also find some reviews of the past students who took the mock test at our academy and how it helped them score 8.0 Band.

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