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Latest IELTS speaking topics with answers, read for free!

IELTS speaking topics with answers

Below are the IELTS speaking topics with answers 2024. These are given to help the IELTS aspirants that the kind of questions they may get and how differently they can answer them.

This ielts speaking topics with answers 2024 may give the idea how to answer for the respective question in the exams.

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The IELTS speaking topics with answers for various topics

  • Hometown
  • Place
  • Family
  • Neighbor
  • Shopping
  • Leisure time
  • Future plans
  • Education
  • Food

latest 2024 ielts speaking topics with answers

The first one we are going to start with in IELTS speaking topics with answers is about hometown.


1. Where is your home district?

A. My home district comes under Bangalore Urban.  Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. It is well known for its Gardens and greenery. My home town is also known as the silicon city of India due to the increasing numbers of IT companies.

2. Describe your favourite and important building of your hometown.

A. My favourite building which is really well known in my city is the Chowdiah Memorial Hall. It was built in the shape of a violin as a tribute to the great violinist Tirumakudalu Chowdiah. It is located in a serene locality with a lot of greenery and hosts a variety of musical events, both national as well as international.

3. Why do you like this building?

A. I really admire this building for its amazing architecture. The shape of the structure is that of a violin which is a masterpiece in itself. Moreover I appreciate the calm and happy environment that individuals experience on their visit to this exquisite building, giving them a taste of their traditions with a touch of modern enhancements.

Place 1.1

1. How do you feel about living in Sylhet / Dhaka / Chittagong ?

A. As all the mentioned locations are new to me it would be truly an amazing experience to live in any of these cities. I would be able to meet new people, make new friends. Also, I will have the opportunity to learn about their traditions, food, culture and of course learn their language.

2. What are the specialities of the city from which you come?

A. My hometown is the city of Bangalore situated in the state of Karnataka, India. It is a metropolitan city with people from all over India as well as the globe living and working together. It is a South Indian city and thus there are various heritage sites like the Vidhaan Soudha. Though it caters to people having different food choices, the local foods like Idli, dosa are really famous.

3. What is your most favourite place to visit in your country?

A. The place to visit in my country which I cherish the most is the Taj Mahal located in Agra. It also one of the eight wonders of the world. The monument was built by King Shah Jahan in memory of his queen Mumtaz. Thus it is symbolized as a emblem of love all over the world.

4. When did you go there last time?

A. I last visited the Taj Mahal when I was in the ninth standard. I still remember the excitement on looking at the majestic monument. Its structure made of marbles shined brilliantly under the bright sun. I am thankful to my parents to take to a place

Place 1.2

5. How did you enjoy there? Mention some facilities that you got there.

A. I had a wonderful time in Agra. My parents, brother and I stayed at a 4 star accommodation which was amazing. We visited some temples and ate the local cuisines as well. In all it was a trip that I still fondly remember.

6. Do you like to visit different places?

A. I like visiting different paces. I am a traveller at heart and enjoy meeting new people. Understanding their culture and traditions, as well as learn their languages.

7. What are the nicest tourist spots in your country?

A. The most amazing places to visit in my country is the Taj Mahal, the  India gate, Mahathma Gandhi’s  memorial etc. These places provide the visitor with the actual feel of the country, its heritage and culture. Thus I would suggest individuals to visit these special locations when they come to India.

8. Why are they favoured by tourists? Have you been there?

A. These sites are specially attracting tourists as they are the signature symbol of my country. It gives the individuals an idea of the history, the people and the cultural traditions followed in India. Thus they have become one of the most sought after places of sightseeing in my country.

9. Is there any problem that people face there?

A. As is the case in any tourists spot, there are individuals who try to misbehave, manupilate the tourists. But with strict government rules there is twenty four by seven vigilance in order to maintain peace and security while the tourists visit the place.

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About Family IELTS speaking question with answers 2024

1. What kind of family do you live in?

A. I live in a immidate family. It consists of four members, my father, mother, brother and I.  My father is a government employee, my mother is a home maker and my brother studies in the twelfth standard. I am pursuing my degree at the moment and wish to complete my higher studies in a foreign university.

2. Tell something about your family members.

A. My father is a tall handsome man and is really sincere in whatever he does. While, my mother is adorable and is the most innocent person that I have come across. My brother is a trouble maker but I love him nonetheless.

3. How much time do you spend with your family members?

A. As I am studying, I get some free time with my family only during the weekends. We plan for a picnic, what movies or have dinner outside. I cherish these moments which gives us all the opportunity to re strengthen our bond as a family.

Family 1.2

4. Do you get on well with your family members?

A. I have a great relationship with all my family members. We can discuss about almost anything. I feel the most secure when I am among them.

5. In your family who makes the key decisions?

A. I live in a nuclear family. The head of the family is my father who is the eldest. Thus all major decisions are taken by him after consulting the whole family.

6. Is your opinions taken granted sometimes?

A. I don’t believe that my decisions are taken for granted. They are sometimes opposed as I may not be having a clear prospective of the situation. In that case my parents explain to me the repercussions of my thoughts and provide an alternate solution.

About Neighbour IELTS speaking topics with answers 2024

1. Who is your favourite neighbour?

A. My favourite neighbour was Mrs Sharma who lived next door when I was a small child. She was a really friendly person to talk to. She always gave us sweets when we visited her house. All the children of the neighbourhood enjoyed listening to her stories.

2. Why do you think so?

A. I believe that the reason why I liked Mrs Sharma was because she was really good with children. She treated all of us in the same manner. In case she had to scold us, she did it in the friendliest manner by letting us know how our actions would affect us and even gave solutions on how to rectify them as well.

3. Do you invite your neighbours to your family functions sometimes?

A. Yes it is our tradition to invite our neighbours during any festivities. They are the ones with whom we share all our joys and sorrows. They are the second family on whom we can depend thoroughly.

4. How do feel when they come and what do you do together?

A. I feel really happy when they come to my house. We have pot luck parties, play board games together. We even plan movie nights too.

5. Do you think keeping good relation with neighbours is important? Why / Why not?

A. Yes of course I believe that keeping good relations with the neighbours will always be in our favour. We can get help from their end at any time. If we face any medical emergency, they are readily besides us. Then if we need their assistance with regard to money, taking care of our children or pets they will always be there for us.

Shopping IELTS speaking topics with answers 2024

1. Do you like shopping? Why / Why not?

A. I personally do not like to shop much. There are only certain occasions when I have to buy things. These situations might be to buy a gift for a loved one, to purchase any essential items for myself and when as a family we go out shopping. Thus I do not have the urge to go shopping out of will, but there should be a very important reason to do so.

2. What is the most famous shopping centre in your city / area?

A. I live in Bangalore. The most popular shopping destination in my city is MG Road, which is located in the heart of the city. We can buy almost anything at an economical price there. Also at the same time we can find the most famous brands there too.

3. Why is it so famous?

A. MG Road is situated in the centre of the city. It is easily accessible. Moreover we can find all kinds of products from high end brands to locally manufactured products that suit each individual’s needs

Education IELTS speaking topics with answers 2024

1. Tell me something about your educational background.

A. I have completed my Ba(hons) in English literature from Delhi University. After finishing my degree I pursued a three year diploma course in French language. I have completed my DELF from the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore.

2. Are you satisfied with the way you got educated?

A. Yes, I am satisfied with the education that my Parents provided me. I was given an opportunity to expand my horizons with respect to Academics. At the same time I took part in various extracurricular activities such as dance, drama, debates which really helped me grow into a wholesome personality.

3.  Why/ Why not?

A. The knowledge that I obtained, be it academic or in non academic spheres were fruitful for my overall development. Without such an exposure I would never have been this confident, self reliant and practical individual who I am today.

4. Is there any better place in the world to study rather than your country?

A. I believe that apart from my own country, Germany is a nation that provides students with knowledge which is class apart. The scholars receive hands on experience within their fields. The employment opportunities provided are infinite. An individual can grow in his or her field in a manner which puts them at power as compared to their peers in other countries.

5. Do you think education is important? Why?

A. Surely I believe that education is the key element for any individual. It provides them a wider prospective towards life. They grow into wholesome individuals.

 Future plans IELTS speaking questions with answers 2024

1. Tell me about your future plan / aim in life?

A. My immediate future plan is to pursue my Masters abroad. I would like to gain some work experience while pursuing my studies abroad. This would really expose me to the real time working environment and will help me to conduct myself better in a professional environment.

2. Why do you want to be so / to do so?

A. The field that I am passionate about can only be experienced firsthand in a foreign University. There I can meet the eminent professors who are known globally for their pursuits in the domain. Moreover the practical and cultural exposure that I would gain would not be possible in my own Country.

3. Did you have any other future plan in your past?

A. To be very honest I had always dreamt of becoming a dancer. I have learnt dance but was unable to take it forward as a profession as my parents insisted that I take up a more practical field which would help me earn my bread and butter.

4. Do you live in a house or a flat?

A. I live in a flat. It is a spacious three bedroom apartment with all the state of the art facilities. I prefer it since we have a twenty four hours security on standby

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living there?

A. Living in a flat has many advantages. For example there is security round the clock, play area for the children, lots of people to mix and mingle with. The disadvantage is that having too many people living in the same space interrupts privacy of individual.

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 What do you do in your leisure / free time?

A. I follow a lot of things during my spare time such as reading books, listening to music, playing the violin etc. But out of these I love listening to music. It helps me to calm down and rest my mind.

2. Is it very common in your country?

A. Many individuals love listening to music in my country. There is a variety of music that people may listen to. Some may prefer classical while others may prefer film music to lighten their mood.

3. What are the other common activities people do in your country for passing free time?

A. In my country the younger generation is now highly inclined towards sports. They want to become like their sports Idol. As well as they have a dream to live a luxurious life like these sports personalities.

4. Do you think doing something in free time is important?

A. I certainly believe that one should do something that gives him or her peace of mind to relax. Free time must be used to retain the energy lost. Thus individuals should pass their time in enjoying themselves.

5. Why / Why not?

A. Having a hobby is like something that the person looks forward to. It makes the individual happy. This has a major impact on the physical as well as mental health of the person.

About Food IELTS speaking topics with answers 2024

1. What is your favourite food?

A. My favourite food at the present is California Barito. I like the rice bowl that they give. It contains a lot of vegetables and pulses a. Thus it is tasty as well as good for heath.

2. Why do you like it?

A. It’s a food Item which contains both vegetables and pulses. Its is a low calorie meal and thus does not have any ill effect on our bodies. At the same time it tastes delicious.

3. Do you sometimes try foods of other countries?

A. Yes I have tasted foods from different countries. I love some noodle recipes from China. They are very tasty and I enjoy it.

4. What is the difference between Bangladeshi food and foods of other countries?

A. Well the food in Bangladesh is basically sea food. They love to have fish and rice. The food from other countries varies according to their culture, tradition and their location.

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About Food 1.2

5. Do you like eating out?

A. Yes I like eating out. But I do not like to experiment. I usually opt for the same dish every time. Thus my choice would only depend on what I want to eat and not what is there to eat in the restaurant.

6. Where do you go for eating? Why?

A. I do not like to go out and eat much. Thus I prefer ordering online and relishing the food that I like. It gives me greater pleasure and I don’t have to dress up either.

7. Tell me about the facilities you get in that restaurant / food house.

A. With the variety of restaurants available to order from I get an opportunity to enjoy my favourite dish in the convenience of my home. They are affordable and spare us the travelling cost.

8. Is fast food good for health? Why / Why not?

A. No, fast foods are not good for health. They contain adulterated products which harm us. They are deep fried at high temperatures, which again lead to a variety of diseases.

9. Can you cook? How?

A. Yes I can cook. I have learnt a lot from my mother. Though I am a decent cook, I still need a lot of time to perfect the art.

End of Topics

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