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Test Of Mind Or Test Of English?


IELTS test is a test of an individual’s communication skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. But, it is only when the candidates come across the veracity of this system, they realize it’s more than that.

As trainers, our responsibility is to introduce the students to the other facet. What is this other prerequisite that conductors of this test require to let you achieve a good score? Is having a good hold on the language as a whole not enough? The answer for the afore-mentioned questions is that a good know-how on English language is not the only factor that boosts the band score of a candidate. As it is now widely known that IELTS has many subject matters that are put forward in all the four modules. For example Education, Science, Politics, Famous Leaders, Arts, and Economics etc. And, the candidates are not aware of the domain on which they would be receiving in all the four Modules. Thus, it becomes mandatory to prepare on these topics in advance.

IELTS Test good news

The good news though is that the students do not require any specialized knowledge of these topics. They just need a general Idea on the topics given. They obtain information on different fields  from different sources such as Newspapers,  magazines, online /offline written content, YouTube, pod-casts, television channels.


Now, it’s all about implementing the information that the candidates have accumulated in the right manner. They must understand the subject matter presented in the respective module. This would only be possible if they are aware of the vocabulary associated to the topic. Especially in the Reading and Listening modules wherein the test taker needs to compare the information provided in the question with the information given by the writer or speaker respectively.

The language used in the test is not of an advanced level, thus it becomes easier to answer the question. It is important for the individual to understand, analyze and implement the information in the correct manner while giving his or her response. Thus, more than their ability to understand about what is required to be done, it becomes essential that they acquire the skills of where exactly to point out. This requires above average reasoning skills, rather than a good hold on English Language. He or She must understand the content, analyze the part that is essential for the response and then proceed. To acquire this skill it may take some time. You must not give up on the practice.

To summarize, it is evident that IELTS is more than just a test of one’s knowledge in English Language. Along with it, the candidates need to work upon their ability to deal with different subjects, modified questions and comprehend the overall content to get a good score.

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