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Profile evaluation and shortlisting universities for MS in US

Profile evaluation and shortlist universities for MS in the USA

Profile Evaluation and Shortlist Universities


This tool does profile evaluation and shortlist universities under three headings, “Safe Universities”, “Reach Universities” and “Dream Universities” based on your profile and the eligibility criteria of the universities. We developed this tool using various profiles of students who got the acceptance letter through our consultancy. This tool evaluates your profile and gives you a shortlist of universities based on our previous experience with applicants and is not the most accurate method. Contact us (+91-9035366635) for the most accurate list.

Enter your GRE score

                              GRE Quant score :
                              GRE Verbal score :
                              Analytical writing score :

Enter your TOEFL / IELTS score

                              TOEFL score :

                              IELTS score (If not TOEFL):

                              Overall Undergraduate percentage :

                              Job Experience (If any) :

                             Number of technical published (If any): 

                             Your Email id*

NoteDifferent departments have different preferences and eligibility criteria for accepting students into their university. Some departments give more importance to undergraduate CGPA or percentage while some prefer those who have scored high on GRE and TOEFL. Top universities prefer all-rounders and  those who’ve published many international and/or national research papers.

How profile evaluation and shortlist universities works for MS in USA?

Typically, aspirants who’d like to do MS in USA apply to 5 universities :

1.) Safe universities: This tool gives you a list of universities under the heading “Safe Universities” taking into consideration that your profile satisfies all their selection criteria. Select and apply to any two “Safe Universities”.

2.) Reach Universities: The universities listed under the heading “Reach Universities” take into consideration that your profile satisfies most of their selection criteria.  Select and apply to any two “Reach Universities”.

3.) Dream Universities:  The universities listed under the heading “Dream Universities” take into consideration that your profile doesn’t satisfy most of their selection criteria but you may have chances of getting into these universities if you are good in extracurricular activities and/or have published many scientific research papers.  Select and apply to only one “Dream University”.

Disclaimer: This tool doesn’t give you the most accurate list of universities. If you want to get a more precise list of universities based on your profile evaluation, contact our Bangalore center (0-9035366635). Reknown Edu Services® is not associated with any US University and we don’t accept any responsibility or liability for your admission or rejection from any US University that  you had applied to using this tool.

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