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Successful German Student Visa interview experience you should know

Visa interview & requirements

Visa Interview & requirements


VISA Experience Bangalore Consulate
Date: 21/01/2015
Time Slot: 9.40 – 10.00am
Counter Number: 4

My name is P**** S***** and I reached the office for my interview by 9.25 am and was waiting inside
because there were 2 people ahead of me.

The counter 4 had an Indian lady. She called out my name and I went to the counter with all my documents.

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning ma’am.
V: Do you have your documents ready?
Me: yes ma’am.
V: what type of visa are you applying for?
M: Student National visa.
V: Give me 2 sets of the documents.
M: I gave.
V: give me 3 photos.
M: ma’am I have pasted 2 photos on the application form and I have a loose photo with me.
V: okay, then just give me one more photo.
M: I gave.
V: also give me your passport and the DD.
M: I gave.

(She was checking my passport and simultaneously feeding or crosschecking data with her computer)

V: please pick up the phone.
M: I picked up.
V: which university are you applying to?
M: University of Duisburg- Essen
V: why have you chosen Germany?
M: The reason I chose Germany is because of the standard of education and because of research and
analysis options. Also Germany provides more practical knowledge.
V: okay, what course have you applied for?
M: Masters in Mechanical Engineering.
V: what did you study in your bachelors?
M: I did mechanical engineering.
V: oh, so you studied mechanical in your bachelors and now for higher studies also mechanical?
M: yes ma’am both Mechanical.
V: okay, what about your accommodation?
M: ma’am I have applied for an accommodation through the studentenwerk and it is under process.
They will give me accommodation at the earliest.
V: okay, so I will enter the university’s address for now?
M: yes ma’am. I have also entered the university’s address in the application form for now.

(She was entering the university’s address by copying it from my admission letter)

V: Is your course in English?M: No ma’am. It is half English and half German.
V: so do you have German language?
M: yes ma’am I have finished till B1.
V: from Goethe?
M: yes ma’am.
V: okay, have you opened the blocked account?
M: yes ma’am I have opened the account?
V: have you transferred the money into the account?
M: No ma’am. Actually I have applied for a bank loan and the loan has been sanctioned. The bank
people told me they will transfer the money after the visa formalities.
V: That is okay but you have to transfer the money as soon as possible because without that visa
cannot be issued.
M: okay ma’am I will transfer the money at the earliest.
V: give me your degree certificate.
M: I gave my provisional degree certificate (PDC).
V: you don’t have the degree certificate?
M: No ma’am. I recently passed out and therefore I do not have the certificate. Also I will receive the
certificate after a year of passing out.
V: when did you finish studying?
M: I passed out in 2014 ma’am.
V: okay.
V: please take and sign on this.

(My personal cover letter was not signed my me, so she told me to sign and return)

M: (I signed and returned it)
(She put my passport and the receipt of my DD in the drawer and told me to collect it and I did so)
M: Ma’am what about transferring of money?
V: Transfer the money, after transferring the German bank will send you a confirmation of the
transferred money. Bring a copy of that confirmation and submit it to the security people outside and
you do not have to take any appointment for this.
M: Okay ma’am sure I’ll do it.
V: and please write this code on the copy of the confirmation.
(There is a code on the receipt of the DD)
M: yes ma’am I will do it.
V: Now I will tell you to scan your fingers.
M: okay ma’am. (I scanned my fingers on the biometric device)
V: okay that’s it.
M: Thank you ma’am.

My experience was good and she was a very nice lady. Be on time. Carry a pen and glue (if needed)
Make sure you have an answer for your ACCOMMODATION and KEEP YOUR DOCUMENTS READY.
Please get your DD correctly and do not forget, because a guy in another counter had forgotten and
the Visa officer did not appreciate it. (Please check the website for DD rate)
Relax and chill and the interview will be great.
All the best!



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