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Fascinating tool to check chances of admission into German University

How to convert Indian Percentage/CGPA to German GPA Calculator

Indian CGPA to German GPA

There are thousands of candidates today from India who dream to pursue higher education in Germany. Popular reasons are – Firstly, Lower Tuition Fees secondly, Technical Education Quality, thirdly,  Job Opportunities, and lastly Explore New World, Etc. Given the gravity on the unprecedented demand for admissions in German Universities, students are skeptical about their chances of success. Therefore, This tool Indian Percentage/CGPA to German GPA converter would help them to have some clarity.

NOTE : German student VISA interview questions and answers

This Incredible tool is made with a motive of assisting students to know eligibility for applying to German universities. Having said that, we still don’t guarantee that the resulting German GPA would define your possibilities of admissions.

We have also witnessed that there is a similar tool used by Technical University of Munich to assist the students to figure out their scores based on German Grade Point Average.


indian-percentage/CGPA-to-german-gpa-converter will give the GPA according to German Academic Standards. Apparently, the lesser the GPA, the higher the possibility to get an acceptance from the university. Generally, When a university’s admission department scrutinises the applicant, they majorly look if the applicant first clears the basic requirement of the university it has set. Next, it considers the average of its past records of admitted students and sets the threshold, then it compares the fresh applicant’s profile with the threshold the university sets. If the applicant’s profile hover around the threshold, and if it is better than the rest of the applicants not being qualified to get an admit then the applicant is admitted.



CGPA into GPA:

1 – 1.5Sehr Gut (Very good)
1.51 – 2.5Gut (Good)
2.51 – 3.5Befriedigend (Satisfactory)
3.51 – 4Ausreichend (Sufficient)
4.01 – 6Nicht Ausreichend (Not sufficient)

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82 Responses

  1. I did my engineering from Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. BE in Mechanical Engineering, according to this tool my GPA is 1.9. I wanna get admissions into Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I am also a little confused between Stuttgart & Leibniz University. Can you please guide me in selecting university.

  2. I will complete my UG in EEE by next year. And I want get admission into the University of Freiburg for the program MSc in Embedded Systems Engineering. Is it English taught? How difficult / easy is it to get admissions?

    1. Hello Sailesh,

      We can provide your elegibility report on the university that you are interested in. You got to provide a lot more details. However, be informed that its a paid service. If interested drop us a message on whatsapp.

  3. I have scored 7.5 CGPA in my MSc in Mathematics from Bangalore University in Bangalore. I want to pursue my Masters in Mathematics, My ultimate goal is to pursue PhD in the same. If I can directly get into research, nothing like it. Please guide further.

    1. Hey Lalita,

      What do you want from us? Admission guidance? University Shortlisting? Documentation support? Visa support or everything? Please write to us on whatsapp with exact details or support you want from us, we will be more than happy to help you further.

  4. I have scored 8.8 CGPA in my BSc. I wanted to apply to Masters in material science. Can I get admissions into German public universities?

    1. Hey Karam,

      Grade wise you are qualified but your three year degree can be a point of concern. We gotta understand where do you want to apply and what course? We can check your probability of getting admissions based on what do you want & what are your academic track record? Please get in touch with us on whatsapp and we will guide you further.

  5. I am a CA + Bcom graduate with finance as my specialisation. I wanted to apply to German Universities for MS in Finance. I am looking for only universities around Berlin, Baveria or Stuttgart. Can you help me with admission and visa process?

  6. I did my Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology. As per your tool, my German GPA is 1.9. Do you think RWTH will be a distant dream for me?

    1. Hello Fahad,

      No, it wont be a distant dream, instead its an achievable one! You can go ahead and apply to the university. But make sure you apply to the university well before the deadline and submit all the documents appropriately. Commit no mistakes while filling application form. If you face any difficulty in any area, contact us for professional services. We have had several students who got admissions into RWTH successfully.

  7. As per this tool I have scored 2.6 German GPA. I am planning to pursue Masters in International / Global Marketing. Can you suggest universities in Germany that offer such prorgram and also tell how great the job opportunities are for such programs?

    1. Hey Sanjana,

      Just GPA is not enough for us to give you ideal list of universities. The way we shortlist universities is considering your overall profile, just the way universities typically decide to release an offer letter to the potential candidates. If you are concerned about which universities will offer you admissions so that you do not end up squandering money on application fees, documentation, couriers etc. You got to get in touch with us to know more about our services, our fees and the solutions we offer to deal with your problems.

  8. I have secured 7.9 CGPA in my Btech. I want to apply for masters in Mechatronics Engineering for Winter 2025 intake. I wanted help in documentation and shortlisting the universities where I have better odds to get admission.

    1. Hello Shamanth,

      We would be more than happy to help you with both the services. Please contact us on whatsapp by giving more details about your academic background and clearly outline what all services do you seek. We will accordingly quote your our fees and then if we both mutually agree on proceeding further. We will get the ball rolling!

  9. I wanted to know if Ms in Supply chain management can get me a good job in Germany as a Fresher? In India as mechanical engineer, we have very limited options. I am interested in Supply chain management from a top reputed German University. I have secured 1.8 German GPA according to this calculator

    1. Hello Ketan,

      It is actually a very good question.

      Your grades seem good and I am assuming you will easily make it through any public university in Germany as well. But lets talk some facts here. As far as jobs in Germany are concerned. They are abundantly available for the skilled people(regardless of the experience) in general! For Supply chain especially, you may have to do a little extra work by yourself. Either you talk to any Indian alumni of a university in Germany (who pursued masters in Supply chain management) Or you refer to the authentic websites that offer such information about the jobs in Germany. Id personally recommend you to do the former. Use linkedIn to connect with people who have such background and talk to them. But, you need to understand they may not respond to you immediately, but if you have patience then you may crack this pot. Best of luck!

  10. I have scored 1.9 German GPA in my Btech in Industrial Engineering Management from Bangalore Institute of Technology. I wanted to apply to Stuttgart university. Can you help me with documentation prep? I just want this support.

  11. I want to apply to all TU for my masters in Mechanical Engineering. Although i am not very keen on research should I proceed with TU’s or Hochschule is a good choice?

    1. Hello Pavan,

      If you are interested only to work and not pursue research ahead. Hochschule is a good choice, But if your grades are good and have better chance to get admissions from TUs? Please go ahead with TUs, they are better ones in general. Let us know if you want assistance in applying to these universities.

  12. I have 7.1 CGPA in Btech – AI. I want to pursue Ms in AI in Germany. I do not have any work experience, I am looking to get admissiosn for Summer 2025 intake. Can you suggest if it is mandatory to learn German language as well?

    1. Hello Alok,

      It depends on the universities you are applying to, most of the German universities offer English taught Masters program. Therefore, it is not mandatory but if you learn the language you will be able to easily find a part time job soon.

  13. I have scored 81% as aggregate in my Bcom from Bangalore University. I wanted to pursue Masters in Marketing / Digital Marketing in Germany. Any public university would do. But my question is will I be eligible? Since I have 15 years of education, my bachelors course wasn’t for 4 years, instead 3 years. What should I do?

    1. Hello Saloni,

      Your point of concern is legit. As, many universities in Germany have specific requirements with respect to the credits that you earn in your undergraduate course. If you do not meet that requirement, even if you have excellent grades you might not get admission. However, there are a few universities in Germany that we can try, but we must check if those universities offer the program that you are interested in. Why don’t you contact us on whatsapp. And, see if you can visit us in our office for a free counselling session(against appointment) and, if you do not want generic information but rather just list of universities that you are eligible to apply to. We have a paid service in which we shortlist universities for you based on all your interests, academic achievements, financial capabilities, Etc.

  14. I was wondering if I can make it to TUHH for my masters in Chemical & Bioprocess engineering. I am from Dharwad, Karnataka.

    I have completed my Chemical Engineering. Can you check my eligibility or if you can suggest any other universities offering similar programs.

    1. Hello Suhas,

      We can definitely help you with suggesting you alternative options if we find out more about your educational & work background. Please write to us on whatsapp for more detailed discussion.

  15. How easy is it to get admissions into German universities if my German GPA is 2.2? I am a computer Science grad from IIIT.

    1. Hello Preksha,

      Although the grades arent impressive, your University is. We must tell you just GPA is never enough for us to know if you can make it to any good university in Germany. Please contact us on Whatsapp with your full profile – Your exact Indian Percentage, Year of Passing, Academic achievements, Non academic achievements, Extra curricular achievements, Your recommender details, Work exp (if any), Etc.

  16. I want to do masters in Data science. My UG was in Computer science and I secured 8.8 CGPA as aggregate. My university is not so popular as IITs, NITs or BITS, I think it is tier 3 in India. Can I make it to any public university in Germany? Can you provide list?

    1. Hello Payal,

      Yes, you can get admissions into public university. For list, you may have to take our paid shortlisting services that will come with a cost but, this could also save your thousands while applying to universities where you will not make a cut. If you find this interesting, you can message us on whatsapp.

  17. Hello Sir,

    Can you tell me if Hochschule Ravensburg Weingarten University of Applied Sciences for Masters in Mechatronics Engineering is a good choice? My German GPA as per this tool is 2.25. And I am planning to apply for 2025 intake By then I will have had 2 years of Work experience.

    1. Hello Pallavi,

      The university is a great choice for the program you have chosen. We also found that you are qualified for the program based on your GPA. But you gotta qualify all other entry requirements as well. Please check out the official website and make sure you apply to the university well in time to turn around your application favourably.

  18. This tool displayed my German GPA is 2.2 (Electronics & Communications Engineering, 2019 pass out). I have 5 years of work experience but not relevant to the core degree. I want to go to Germany, I am Ok with neighbouring countries as well. As far as the tuition fee does not cross more than 10-12L per year. Can you tell me which universities or what are my odds to make it to such universities?

    1. Hello Ruben,

      There are ample options that we can discuss about. Why don’t you write to us on whatsapp? or fix up an appointment to discuss this in detail? we’d like to invite you for one free counselling session where we could discuss more about this and lets take it further from there if you like our advice.

    1. Hello Ritesh,

      Please contact us on Whatsapp and give more details about your academic background. We would love to see how we can help you get admissions into universities.

  19. I am from Nagpur and not from Bangalore, I am seeking help in applying to 2 German universities and 2 Swedish Universities. All four are Public Universities. Do you offer help?

    1. Hello Yajnesh,

      Yes, we can help you. We charge fees (No free admission services) Please contact us on Whatsapp, we would love to get started ASAP.

  20. I completed my mechanical engineering from Reva University, & have 2 years of work experience. I want to puruse Masters in Supply Chain Management. I also know my grades arent great to make it to top Public universities. But if there is any way you can help in applying to some public and some private universities, I’d want to try for summer 2025.

    1. Hello Pranav,

      You know when applying to German universities, it is just not your grades that get you admissions, rather, your overall profile. We have helped people in the past with average grades getting admissions into competitive universities. Having said all this, we don’t want to get your hopes really high by assuring you admissions into top universities at the moment. Please write to us on whatsapp ASAP. Lets get this worked out for you 🙂 Cheers!

  21. My German GPA is 2.0 according to your tool. I wanted to know what are my odds to make it to TU Chemnitz? I am planning to appky for MSc in Automotive Software Engineering. Since the program is English taught, Just IELTS exam is enough? Or should I have German A1 & A2 as well? BTW< I have 2 yrs of work exp in Automotive industry.

    1. Hello Shreyas,

      If you do not want our full consulting services. Why don’t you just take our eligibility check services or just a paid counselling service where our counsellor would give you answers to every question you have. What I can assure you is, the counselling service would be worth thousands of rupees because it will help you save money on things that you would otherwise end up wasting in experimenting. Just drop us a message on our whatsapp we would be more than willing to help you in your journey of flying to Germany.

  22. I am now in my 2nd year of Aeronautical Engineering from Jain University Bangalore. I am really keen of pursuing my masters from TUM, Germany. Apart from maintaining good grades what else can I do to get admission into that university?

    1. Hello Akash,

      Well, You have already walked half way to get to your dream. For the rest of the path you need to convince admission committee of TUM with your academic and non academic achievements. These academic achievements could be 1. Your knowledge with respect to the field you are interested in (in the form of additional courses / certificates) 2. Competitive exam scores 3. German Language proficiency 4. Practical experience (Internships in the relevant field) 5. Seminars / Workshops 6. Research Paper publication in national / international Journals 7. Research paper Presentation in National / International Conferences. Now, non academic achievements such as 1. Sports 2. Extra curricular activities 3. Fund raising events 4. Start up experience 5. UN Sustainable goals initiatives Etc.

    1. Hello Preksha,

      Yes we do! Please reach out to us on whatsapp. While drafting your text please explicitly mention about your interest is only to receive university shortlisting services!

  23. My German GPA is 1.9. I am from Gujarat, I want to pursue masters in VLSI / Embedded systems. After completing my masters I wanna work in Germany for couple of years and come back to Bharat. Do you think TUs are better choice of FHs?

    1. Hey Sagar,

      TUs are Research oriented but they are still better choices than compared to any other kinda universities in Germany. We’d recommend you to choose TUs over the other kinds. All the best for your future endeavours

    1. Hey Gaurav,

      We do not offer any outright guarantees like admissions in your dream university without looking at your academic and professional background. If we see that you have potential to get admissions, academically and extra curricular, professional qualifications that match our previous successful cases then we can tell with certainty that you have better odds to receive admits. For further information please connect with us on Whatsapp.

  24. I did my BE in tool & Die making from Bangalore. And, according to this tool, my GPA is 2.1, do you think I have fair chance to make it to any public university in Germany?

    1. Hello Moinuddin,

      Well, as we always say just GPA’s aren’t enough for us to define a result. However, we’d like to mention that the UG that you possess is a special course unlike generic Mechanical Engineering. Your odds generally decrease if the Masters course that you choose is not aligned with UG course that you pursued. Lets discuss this in person. Our office is in Indiranagar, take an appointment in prior and discuss this in detail. We may have good suggestions to make in your case.

  25. I am planning my masters of Architecture in TU berlin. The thing is the language of instructions is German, is B1 from Goethe enough for me to be qualified?

    1. Hello Natasha,

      You got to know that German taught programs are tough nuts to crack. Having said that, B1 will not be enough for German taught programs in general. Although B2 is sufficient for you to be qualified. We strongly would advice you to join German language programs at the university for better understanding and impact.

  26. I did my Btech from NIT Durgapur. My German GPA is 2.1, do you think I have fair chances to make it through TU9?

    1. Hey Sujoy,

      NIT Durgapur is certainly a better university compared to many universities in India, but this alone anyway cant guarantee you a success in your application, you SOP, LORs, your internships, IELTS/GRE, German Language certificates and your overall credential can make way to success.

  27. Hello team,

    I am from Iran, but did my Bachelors degree from India, PES University. Is this tool helpful?

  28. This tool is super useful. Will this calculator work for Sri Lankan Universities too? ❣️ from Srilanka!

    1. Hey Kasun,

      If your grading system is similar to that of Indian Education system, this is gonna be useful. Else it may not give you the same result! Cheers 🙂

  29. My grade seems to be at 2.35. Do you think I should try Public Universities in Germany or try American universities?

    1. Hey Paritosh,

      Suggesting you universities just based on your GPA would not be a good idea. However, getting admissions based on the general competition among public university’ limited seats, Its gonna be a tough spot for you. Do book an appointment with our rockstar counsellor who will help you further on this. Cheers!

  30. I have secured 8.75 CGPA from SRM university. I am planning for MSc in Robotics Engineering. Since, Germany is the place for course like this, Do you think I should stick to only German or even a few other European universities? I am kinda confused, how’s Sweden/Netherlands for this program?

    1. Hey Ahana,

      While making a decision on Univeristy selection, you need to keep your end goals clear and reverse engineer why a specific university. Try doing this exercise on your own, if you face difficulty, do get in touch with our Counsellors, they’d do a great job in helping steer this decision favourably.

  31. I am in my final year of Electronics engineering from NIT Trichy. According to this tool my GPA is 1.8, Do you think I have fair chance to make it to TUM, Embedded systems and Security?

    1. Hey Ebenezer, you do have a good chance to make it based on your GPA mentioned. But you must know there are many things that universities look for while they roll out their decisions on your applications. Please talk to our consultant who can answer many of your questions on a personal visit to our office or an online consultation call.

  32. I got 1.9 GPA, and I am from Gujarat. Do you think universities and GPA matter while applying to German Universities?

    1. Hey Nainesh,

      Your GPA is great! And, yes it matters, which university you have passed from. IITs, NITs, BITs all of them hold special place in their admissions criterion.

  33. My score displayed here is 1.8. Do you think I can make it to universities like TU Munich / Berlin / Darmstadt?

    1. Farhan, confirming your admission into these esteemed universities just based on GPA would be a lie. We got to consider many other aspects as a part of your applications. Why don’t you contact us on our whatsapp, our rockstar will contact you and help you for sure in making your dreams a reality.

  34. The score displayed 2.1 as a result. Do you think I stand a chance to make it to TU’s in Germany for my masters in Mechanical Engineering?

    1. Well, TU is a Tough nut to crack with lower GPA’s. However, if you can back it up with other documents that substantiates your worthiness, you certainly hold a chance. Let me tell you it isn’t impossible but its not gonna be easy either.

    1. Hello Shashank,

      We are super glad that this tool was useful for you. Just in case, you have any difficulty in applying to German Universities and if you feel you need any professional advice, contact us! We will be more than happy to help you. Cheers and All the best for your future endeavours.

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