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US student visa interview experience

US student Visa Interview

Generally all our students have very good US student visa interview experience at the embassy. They often tell they would cherish the experience for ever. Student wrote his own experience and shared it with us. So read the below message as if you were directly hearing from the horse’s mouth. 


visa experience on 15th JUNE
Counter number:12
Location: Hyderabad
Slot: 9:30 am
Status : Approved grin emoticon

An African lady about 30 yrs old, approved one f1 visa before me.
It was hardly 30-40 seconds of interview.

i was so much confident and relaxed.

Vo: Hi, How r you? With a big smile
Me: Hi ! How r you? I am fine ( i dont know y i replied like this) with the big smile.
Vo: Pass your i20!
Vo: How many universities have you applied?
Me: 3, got 2 admits and 1 is under process.
Vo: So software engineering(SE) ?
Me: Yes!
Vo: What do you like about SE?
(I wasn’t prepared for this question at all )
Me: I love everything about SE, the way of gathering information, collecting requirements, the process of making a Software.
Vo: Who is sponsoring you?
Me: My parents
Vo: What do they do?
Me: They both are government employees.
My father is working in CCS and my mother is a Gazetted Head Mistress in education department.
Vo: Your visa is approved! 
Me: u made my day!  Thank u 🙂

US student visa interview is generally short. However, sometimes students face many questions. The reason they face more questions is when the officer finds something fishy in the student’s answers/documents.

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